With this conference, the European social partners wish to present the new European Social Dialogue Work Programme for 2019-2021 to member organisations EU institutions, Member States and relevant stakeholders.

This conference will enable EU and national social partners to discuss and review the main challenges they face for an effective EU social dialogue. It will focus on discussing the priorities of the 2019-2021 Work-Programme, such as digitalisation and improving the performance of labour markets and social systems. It will build on the outcomes of recent joint projects of the European social partners, on the European Social Fund better supporting capacity building of social partner organisations and on employee training.

This sixth autonomous work programme of the European Social Partners contains the bi-partite activities on the issues which social partners decided to address jointly in the coming years, and which also supports the objectives of the 2016 quadri-partite statement on “A New Start for Social Dialogue[1]”.



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