In the context of their past work programmes the European social partners have organised seminars in EU and candidate countries with the aim of promoting and reinforcing social dialogue. In the framework of their current cycle of capacity building projects, they have decided to dedicate a seminar solely to promoting and reinforcing social dialogue in selected candidate countries.

Seminar objectives

  • Presenting and discussing the state-of-play of the EU cross-industry social dialogue
  • Presenting and discussing the regional Declaration on “Transparent Social Dialogue as a Prerequisite to Healthy and Sustainable Economic and Social Development in the Region” by the national social partners;
  • Informing participants about relevant case studies from Croatia (newest EU Member State) and other EU Member States;
  • Giving advice on budget lines and on how social partners can submit a proposal and / or run a joint project.

Representatives of the European Commission and/or the International Labour Organisation will also be invited as guest speakers.

The seminar will be structured around separate employers and trade unions’ group meetings, also separate meetings by country, and plenary meetings.


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