With respect to European social dialogue, the promotion and the implementation of EU SD instruments at national level has been identified by EU SPs and their members as an important condition to launch effective national implementation processes.

Furthermore, some national social partners have expressed support for joint activities on the European social dialogue aiming to achieve a better coordination between EU and national social dialogue agendas during recent meetings of the Social Dialogue Committee and joint seminars on capacity building.

For this reason, the EU SP have decided to organise 3 seminars on the promotion of EU SD instruments.

Seminar 1 – 20-21 June 2013 in Rome, Italy
– France
– Italy
– Portugal
– Slovenia

Texts discussed during this seminar:


Seminar 2 – 12-13 September 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark
– Denmark
– Finland
– Sweden
– United Kingdom

Texts discussed during this seminar:


Seminar 3 – 21-22 November 2013 in Budapest, Hungary
– Austria
– Czech Republic
– Hungary
– Poland

Texts discussed during this seminar:


Conference on the Implementation of EU SD Instruments and Capacity Bulding

In the context of the 2012 Resource centre project, the EU SP have decided to support their member organisations by providing an opportunity to discuss the implementation of EU social dialogue instruments through the organisation of 4 seminars in 4 different countries. The aim was to bring together social partners representatives from different member states to this end.

All EU 27 Member States and candidate countries will be invited to participate, as well as representatives from the European Commission.

This conference will also give the opportunity to discuss the implementation challenges of the EU SD tools especially both during the implementation phase and after the adoption of final reports.

Conference – 12-13 December 2013, Brussels, Belgium