Through their 2011 joint study on national and sectoral initiatives, the European social partners conducted an analysis of tripartite and bipartite practices at national and sectoral levels.

This joint study has identified a number of issues regarding the involvement of social partners on interlink between climate change, employment and training policies across Europe.

Building on the 2011 joint study, European social partners want to look into more detail at different models of social partner participation and engagement in the transition towards a low-carbon economy, including some which may have emerged since the study took place.

In line with the 2012-2014 work programme, the focus will be put on the implications of the greening of the economy on skills needs. In terms of methodology, the European social partners will ask a subcontractor/expert to identify existing practices, based on the joint initiative, as well as a number of new initiatives (up to 30 cases in total), illustrating concretely these elements and challenges.

The European social partners will organise a conference during the second half of the project to present the main practices identified and to discuss possible lessons learned on social partner involvement in better responding to changing skills needs in greening economies.

Conference – 10-11 October 2013 in Brussels, Belgium